Loyalty Bonus Casinos Codes – The Complete Guide

Loyalty Bonus Casinos Codes

Being a regular player at an online casino has it’s perks just like being a regular player at the Las Vegas casinos. But, since online casinos can’t comp your stay or meals they offer regular players loyalty bonus casinos codes.

These promos are similar to a no deposit bonus, but are given to players who are regular customers at the casino. There’s a lot more to loyalty bonuses than just free money promos, as you can see in this article.

Types of Loyalty Bonuses

There are a lot of loyalty bonus casinos codes which you can come across depending on which casino you play at and how much you play.

Some online casinos will offer their regular players no deposit bonuses or free spins. At others you can get some cash back bonus on your losses from the previous week or month, while at some you have tiered loyalty bonuses where you progress through different VIP levels.

No Deposit Bonus and Free Spins

Loyalty Bonus Free Spins If you make small regular deposits at an online casino on a weekly level the chances are that you will get an email with some loyalty bonus casinos codes.

You can redeem these bonus codes at the casino cashier to get some no deposit bonus or free spins.

This is the most basic form of a loyalty bonus which can also be awarded when you climb up the VIP ladder or the different levels at the casino.

Of course you can always contact the live chat support team and ask for a loyalty bonus after you had some bad luck at the casino.

At most online casinos the support agents are very kind and understanding and almost always award some reward to regular player who have a unlucky playing session.

Cash Back Bonus

A cash back bonus is another form of a loyalty bonus which is awarded to players who weren’t so lucky at the casino.

At many online casinos you can get a cash back bonus depending on your VIP level and the losses from your previous month. So, for example the casino can award a 30% cash back bonus on your monthly losses.

If you lost $1,000 at a casino, you would be awarded with $300 in cash back bonus, which you can use to play at the casino again. You must play this bonus however, you cannot withdraw this cash back bonus.

Many experienced players value these offers because you can potentially win big with this cash back bonus and recuperate your losses or be up overall in your bankroll.

Tiered Loyalty Programs

Tiered loyalty bonuses can be found at numerous online casinos. These are predefined loyalty bonuses which you unlock just by playing at the casino.

At most online casinos you start as a Bronze VIP, then move your way up to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Elite, Prestige and so on. Needless to say that the top VIP levels are usually reserved for high roller players.

At some online casinos you can’t reach the top VIP level regardless of how much you play at the casino, since they are reserved for invites only.

These tiered loyalty programs are also liked by players since you know what you get with every VIP level.

So if you want to unlock the perks of the next level you will have to play a bit more in order to get there.

Are Loyalty Bonuses and VIP Levels Worth Chasing?

If you just started playing at online casinos then loyalty bonuses are the last thing on your mind. But once you start playing more regularly you will see that they have their perks.

At many online casinos you start earning loyalty points from the first spin you make on the slots. As you play the games you acquire loyalty points along the way which you can later redeem for real money.

So if you play at an online casino with some big bonuses for a long time you can collect enough loyalty points which you can later redeem for let’s say $5 or $10 in cash.

It doesn’t sound like much but when you play at that casino 3-4 times a week the loyalty points can come up to a hefty amount.

Many times you can make a withdrawal with the funds you won from those loyalty points and this is when you really start appreciating them.

Some online casinos also host raffles each month where the most active players can win some luxurious trip to some exotic destination.

Prizes like this are always a long shot but you never know when you can be the lucky winner. So in the end loyalty bonuses are more than welcome when you start playing at an online casino on a regular basis.

In the end they are awarded for free just for being a loyal customer.

Custom Bonuses for Loyal Clients

Loyalty Bonus CardOne of the biggest advantages of being a loyal player at an online casino is access to custom bonus promotions.

These types of promos are usually reserved for VIP players which are awarded their very own account manager. The manager’s job is to keep an eye on your account and keep you happy, so you can pretty much ask for custom bonuses at any time.

For example you can contact them from the live chat support window or by email and tell them the amount your want to deposit.

In return they will offer you a loyalty bonus which you can claim or refuse. With some persistence on your side you can easily get the bonus promotion you want.

Additional Perks for Loyal Players

Becoming a VIP player at an online casino has many more perks than just loyalty bonus casinos codes.

VIP players easily unlock more perks as they progress through the VIP levels. You can get higher deposit and withdrawal limits, faster or even instant casino withdrawals, increased maximum bet per spin limits or even private tables reserved only for VIP players.

So, once you start playing at online casinos on a regular basis you will begin to discover all of the perks which come with loyalty.