Privacy policy

This privacy policy details who we are and how we collect, share and use Personal Information. It also covers ways you can exercise your privacy rights.

The term ‘5 Best Casinos’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ or ‘our’ refers to the owner of the website. The term ‘you’ refers to the user or viewer of our website.

Why We Collect Your Personal Data And What We Do With It

User Comments

For any visitor who chooses to post reviews or comments on our page, we will save the data posted in the comment field. The IP address of the visitor will also be collected, as well as the user agent string of the visitor’s browser. This is done in order to help with the detection of online spam.

All comments have to be approved by our team before we publish them on the website.

When the comments are approved, the public will be able to view your Gravatar profile next to the comment.


While uploading photos (e.g. profile pictures), users should not upload files which contain their location (GPS tags, EXIF data, etc.). If you include the location data in the image file, any user can save your images, export the data, and find your location.

Contact Form Data

When you submit a question in the contact form, our site will save the email address you provided in order for us to give you a reply. We will not save your address and use it for promotional/marketing purposes.

Cookie Policy

When visitors comment on any our content, they can agree to save their email address and name in cookies. The cookies save the visitor’s data so that he or she will not have to refill their details again if they want to make another comment. The cookies will be saved for a period of 12 months.

We use first-party cookies, served through our own domain, and third-party cookies, which are served through third-party domains/service providers.

Do We Share Your Personal Data With Anyone Else?

We value the privacy of all visitors. You can be sure that your personal information will not be shared with any website or third party.

How We Protect Your Data

All of the data on this page is encrypted to the highest standard. We strive to use the current SSL encryption methods and internal security algorithms in order to make sure your information is fully protected.

As mentioned, our trained staff has permission to view some aspects of your data, however, they are bound by legal contracts and will not reveal your personal details by any means.

Do We Pass/Receive Any Data To/From Any Third Party?

Advertising partners – we may share usage data with advertising partners in order to refine performance and mitigate the risk of fraudulent activity.

Service providers – as with most organisations, some of our business functions are outsourced to contractors, such as web hosting services or email marketing providers. Any personal data processing by such providers will be only for the specific purpose required in their role as data processors.

Law enforcement – where required by law we may share our data, in order to meet our legal obligations.

Please note that when you click a link to visit the website of one of the operators listed on this site, you will be accessing a third party website and we have no control over that website.