What are Bonus Codes and are they Necessary?

What are Bonus Codes and are They Necessary?
Bonus codes offered by the best online casinos are special promotions to encourage players to sign up or try a new game. Here’s how they work.Some say casino bonus codes are remnants of another epoch of the iGaming industry. Others welcome them as a little something that spices up the overall experience in the battle again land based casinos.Today, we’re here to understand what bonus codes are.If you are not careful about them and miss out on them when they are clearly required in a bonus offer, you might have some grievances.That’s very difficult to happen, though, as casinos have introduced smart step-by-step process that makes missing a bonus code practically impossible.Should you embrace these codes and follow the recommendations of your casino, you will do just fine. Here’s all the vital information you need to know.

Casino Bonus Codes for Dummies

We have all seen them around us. Bonus codes are very popular, and they are part of quite a few casino offers.They come written letters and numbers, and you will certainly remember seeing something similar to “CC3200”. Sometimes, the code can be just letters, such as “CHERRYSLOTS”. Each casino likes to fine-tune their codes on their own terms, so keep your eyes open.
Once you’ve decided to play with a bonus, the casino will kindly prompt you to enter the bonus code so that you may be awarded the particular promotion you are interested in.

Bonus Codes: A Short History

Originally, bonus codes were there to help casinos spread the word. Casinos simply worked with affiliated companies who promoted them and upon entering a code, the casinos knew which affiliate had helped them drive traffic towards their online platform.Codes were also useful as they helped casinos for internal surveys, assisting marketing teams to see how well-received individual promotions were.Of course, there wasn’t any particular exclusivity about the bonus codes, so in time, casinos automated the process and re-purposed the concept altogether.

Are Bonus Codes Useful?

Bonus codes remain quite useful even today. True, they are no longer there to track referrals, but they help casinos smooth out how bonuses are allocated.Each bonus will come with a distinct bonus that helps the casino track activity, but also award the correct bonus.You will notice that some promotions may take up to 24 hours before they are credited to your account. This is because casinos need to make sure that they are in fact awarding the correct amounts.While the process is largely automated, there are human operators reviewing individual offers; bonus codes make this a little simpler and leave less room for error.

Finding the Best Casino Bonus Codes in 2019

Just like with any bonus hunting, bonus codes in the case of online casinos are nothing more than an individual promotion that needs to be examined in closer detail.For the intents and purposes of finding a great bonus code, you simply need to go through the terms and conditions, making sure to double check:
  • The validity dates
  • The playthrough requirement
  • The wagering contributions
Once you have sorted this out, you can almost immediately decide if you want to pick a bonus. Of course, when it comes to actually spotting the top offers you will have to simply stick with the best online casinos in the business.There are a handful of criteria to use to determine if the casino is indeed worth your while. Consider asking yourself the following questions:
  • Is the bonus offer fair?
  • Is the casino certified by a regulator I can trust?
  • What does an Internet research say about the casino?
  • Are there enough games by top providers?
These are very rudimentary safety checks for you to make sure that the casino bonus code you are picking is actually worth the time and effort. Still unable to decide? Refer to our new online casino guide on how to get started playing at a great casino in 2019.

What Types of Bonus Codes Are There?

There are quite a few options you can choose from. Bonus codes are just like regular promos and you will find a whole lot of fantastic ones all queued up for you: Each promotion will be strictly individual, so you will need to double-check, just to be sure, if a specific casino code is necessary.Sometimes operators just opt out of them and prefer to let you jump straight to the money and into actual play.

VIP and Loyalty Bonus Codes

A segment that continues to make generous use of bonus codes is the VIP rewards and Loyalty clubs. You won’t need a bonus code to enter a VIP program, but you will most likely need to use specific codes to let your casino know which promotion you are particularly interested in.

Weekly Promotions

Online casino promotions change often, especially when it comes to weekly offers. By now you know that such an influx of bonus requests has prompted casinos to become more innovative in how they deal with these requests.Well-established brands with daily promos ensure the proper use of bonus codes to make sure they expedite the process for you and credit you the desired funds right away instead of sifting through lots of similar requests.

Can I Miss a Bonus Code?

Bonus codes are usually featured in the main promotional window, especially when it comes to a welcome bonus. You won’t be able to miss the bonus code because the code itself is reiterated all throughout the offer and even if you just skim through the text, you will still see it.Casinos have also been smart by including a bonus code box, of course, so the chances of missing out on a great offer are next to none. It’s all very simple and quite intuitive.

What to Expect for Casinos in Future

Bonus codes are bound to be part of the casino experience in 2019 and beyond. They have been skilfully re-purposed to add a layer of exclusivity and help casinos better track their ecosystem of bonuses as well as how well customers react to specific promotions.Times have of course changed, but casino bonus codes are just as an essential part of the casino’s offer as they were when operators first used them to track referrals.Today they guarantee you that your bonus funds will be credited to your account without any delay at all, allowing you to start your gaming experience right away.