What are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements in online casino language means the amount you need to play through at an online operator to be able to cash out your bonus winnings.Being aware of what wagering requirements actually are in practice will help every gamer out there understand and be able to capitalize on them so they can cash out efficiently and effectively when playing at online casinos!Thankfully, we’ve found a way to explain the conditions quite simply and make them accessible to everyone who has only half a minute to spend here to understand wagering requirements a little better.Have that extra minute?Let’s go through wagering conditions and requirements together.

Wagering Conditions and Why They Matter

You cannot pick a bonus without there being a wagering condition applied by the operator to the bonus and any winnings.It is true that some bonuses from some operators will be a bit more accommodating and you simply won’t have to deposit; regardless though, you will have to meet a few conditions:
  • Play through the bonus a fixed number of times;
  • Clear the bonus within a specified timeframe;
  • Choose specific games to play on.
These are all part of the so-called wagering requirements that online casinos operate with especially when they offer an attractive free bonus. Making sure you are familiar with them will guarantee you a hassle-free gameplay that will make your casino experience a blast.Ultimately, you will want to secure yourself the full bonus amount and to avoid any hiccups, you will have to be fully aware of how the wagering requirements for your chosen casino operator truly work.

How to Choose a Bonus with the Best Wagering Requirements

If there is something that should matter to you first and foremost, it should be your understanding of how to choose a great bonus. A bonus is not all numbers and promising sums, it’s a careful and very detailed look through the wagering requirements to determine whether you can realistically satisfy and meet them or not.So, let’s have a look at each individual aspect of the wagering conditions first and see how they affect your odds of turning a good profit at the end of your gaming session.

Does Each Bonus Have an Expiry Date?

Yes. In most cases, you will be prompted to finish all wagering within 30 days, although Some bonuses are more generous than others and they will allow you to stretch the completion time for another 30 or even 60 days.Whatever the metric, the good news is that you can always adjust the amount you deposit based on this. So, if for example, you know that you will have only limited time over the next 30 days, you needn’t go after a $1,000 bonus, opting for a $250 one instead. Or you may want to just deposit enough to land yourself a limited amount instead of the full amount of the bonus on offer.‘Easy does it’ is the mantra to follow more often than you realize.

The Playthrough Requirement

What we call playthrough is how many times you have to actually bet the bonus amount. Yes, in casinos you need to play the bonus amount (and sometimes even the deposit money) more than once. Most casinos, however, agree that 35x times is about right.This means that you will need to play the bonus amount 35x times. Some casinos require you to play through both the bonus and deposit amount, which can be a little steep for some players.You must make sure you have checked which scenario applies in your case and that’s how you will be able to be in full control of the money you have been given to play with by the online casino in question.

What are Wagering Contributions?

Wagering contributions are the percentage of your money that is counted towards clearing the bonus. Each game will bring you a different amount of money based on both the type of game you have chosen and the sum you are staking.Let’s make this simpler by explaining it as a table:
Wagering Contributions
Scratch Cards100%
Table Games0-20%
Video Poker0%
As you can see, games that are determined mostly by chance will always count the full amount of your wager towards your wagering contributions.If you have to clear a 35x condition based on a $100 bonus, you will end up playing through $3,500. Let’s say you’ve decided to place the maximum allowable bet on Starburst, a popular slot game by NetEnt, which is $100.You will be granted $100 towards your wagering contributions, and as a result, you will only have to play through $3,400 more.It is important to understand that the listed wagering contributions are not universal. We used the numbers as an example and every individual casino is obligated by the terms and conditions of its licensing to display the information specific to that casino.So, make sure that you look into your chosen casino’s wagering contributions section before you accept a bonus and get playing.

Keep an Eye on Your Progress

It’s easy to get carried away when playing or to forget about the wagering contribution’s expiry date. That’s why you should develop several useful habits to help yourself out-wit the casino and their wagering conditions. As a rudimentary guide, you can consider:
  • Dropping by the cashier section to make sure you are progressing according to plan;
  • Playing on the slot/keno/scratch card games that provide the higher Return to Player (RTP) rates;
  • Depositing a partial amount, giving yourself some room to navigate through a more demanding deposit
It all helps to make sure that at the end of the day, you will be closer to clearing the bonus while keeping the bulk of your money and very possibly winning something extra.

Should I Play Table Games After All?

If you are perfectly aware of how table games work, especially the strategy heavy ones, then obtaining a general bonus could actually work out. Of course, it may be wiser to stick to smaller initial deposits to ensure that you can play through the wagering conditions on time.In some casinos, you can still find bonuses that favor table games or are specifically designed and invite players to try their hand at Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and other popular casino games for real money or to try things out in the form of free plays.However, this will require research on your part and even if a casino advertises a welcome bonus as table games-friendly, you will need to take this with a pinch of salt and make sure to read through the exact specifics first.

Wagering Requirements – Now You Understand Them

Now that you understand the concept and practice of wagering requirements a little better, it’s time for you to hunt for a bonus or bonuses and approach them with the comprehension that the most successful players at casinos do.There’s still a great amount of chance and you will need to realize this if you insist on maxing out your profits. At the same time, you will be able to adjust your strategy towards obtaining better results out of your commitment to the casino.The wagering requirements can quite quickly become helpful allies more so than hurdles as long as you are familiar with what they offer.Play smart and use your knowledge well and results will follow.