Making Withdrawals From Online Casinos

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Withdrawals from casinos is a hot topic when it comes to playing and gambling online in the US.

Whenever you’re looking for the best online casino you should keep in mind that they should have a selection of banking methods that enable fast and easy payouts. You should also stay aware of the concept of wagering requirements.

Requesting Withdrawals From Online Casinos

Identity verification is a requirement across the entire gambling and gaming industries, regardless of your online casino game and operator of choice. Casinos ask for this as a safeguard against fraud and as part of their responsible gambling policies.

Most casinos will ask of you to verify your identity before requesting a payout, but we recommend you do this as soon as you create your account. Have your documents at the ready and submit them to the casino’s support e-mail or system as soon as you’re able to.

Typically required documents to pass these checks include photos or scans of your ID and/or credit card as well as proof of address.

How To Make Withdrawals From Casinos – Options

The most important question is: What is the fastest payout methods across the board at online casinos? We rank them below, by order of speed.

1. E-Wallet Payouts

Digital Wallets or e-wallets are virtual wallet services where you can upload and withdraw funds to and from. They are not just useful when it comes to online gambling, but in many other online-specific situations too.

E-wallets are safe to use, and quick in their services’ delivery. Most e-wallet providers can send you a physical prepaid card you can use to withdraw your cash at an ATM. Some fees are involved, but they are generally minimal at best. You can also easily choose between several currencies, depending on your country of residence.

E-wallet withdrawals usually take 1 to 2 business days. Online casinos also need to process your withdrawal, with normally takes a day or two, so that time is added up as well. The best e-wallets for online casinos are: Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and Paysafecard

2. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies can be a complex matter, but thousands of people use them every day to make anonymous transactions at blazing fast speeds. The thing is, you don’t need to fully understand cryptocurrency in order to use any of them.

All you need to do is read up on how to set up a digital crypto wallet, then you can take advantage of fast payouts via online casinos, regardless if you’re using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or other altcoins. Crypto withdrawals also come with little to no fees, which is a huge plus.

3. Credit and Debit Cards

Your standard methods of choice besides for e-wallets should be VISA, MasterCard, Maestro or American Express credit cards. However, MasterCard forbids transactions between online casinos, so you will often be limited if they provide the card in question.

In terms of withdrawals, credit and debit cards take anywhere between 2 to 5 business days.

4. Bank Transfers and Check Payments

Bank Transfers and Checks are surefire, secure methods of transferring your hard-earned cash from the casino to your bank account. However, due to the numerous security checks and processing times involved which the casino must pass and the bank itself manages, they usually take the longest amounts of time to process compared to other payout methods.

We recommend you only Bank Transfers as a last resort, as sometimes you may be subjected to a week or two of waiting times.